The Changemakers – Macedon Ranges

The Girls

Alexandra Lakey

Age 17, Kyneton


Alexandra is passionate about her family and can speak German. She is curious about life, the universe and everything else. When looking towards her future Alex is open for anything and is particularly hopeful that life can only get better. Something Alexandra would change about the community she lives in would be how she feels within it.  Some skills Alexandra is seeking to learn through CIU include leadership, networking, building meaningful connections, time management and how to have better discussions. Alex has the support of her family and friends and also her Macedon Ranges Ambassador group.


Brittany Farina

Age 17, Woodend


Brittany is all about dance, music and being creative. She loves to have fun and in her future sees herself exploring something to do with maths…but anything could happen. For Brittany, the best thing about being a young person is not being scared to try new things and “sharing what is on our young minds”. This young change maker gains her hope from knowing that she can help to make a difference.  One area that Brittany would like to effect change is to relieve the stress of school on senior students. To help create this change Brittany identifies a need to learn how to communicate other people’s needs and listen when in a group scenario.

Georgia Orr

Age 17, Sunbury


Georgia is passionate about making a difference in the community by helping those in need. Georgia is great at communicating her ideas to other people in an inclusive way and if given the chance would like to use her skills as a confident speaker to raise the issue of Australia’s growing population. Change It Up is a change for Georgia to improve her skills in negotiation as well as building her networking within the community. Being a part of the community is important to Geogia because it helps her to feel connected, gives her a sense of belonging and security.

Hannah Sloan

Age 16, Gisborne


Hannah thinks that Change It Up will help her on her mission to bring people in the community closer together. She believes that the Change It Up experience is going to be a stepping stone towards more volunteering; a real boost to her self-esteem. Hannah is passionate about lots of things – family, friends, singing and school. In particular she is passionate (but also curious about) about youth Mental Health. A skill that Hannah offers to Change It Up is her abilities to speak confidently in public.  A skill Hannah is hoping to build on is team work and how to express her feelings to others. For Hannah, being part of the community can bring you happiness, security and friends.

Katherine Adigrat

Age 18, Kyneton


Katherine is passionate about working and learning. She is curious about living in general and is hopeful that the future will bring a university education. Anything is possible in Katherine’s eyes and she is grateful for the support of her family, friends, the Police and the Shire. Katherine is creative and she loves to share her creativity with her Ambassador team mates.

Madeline Stewart

Age 17, Riddles Creek


Madeline is a self-motivated, curious young leader with a passion for helping others. She is “exceptionally organised” and can’t wait to travel and go to university to study nutrition. The best thing about being a young person, according to Madeline at least, is looking forward to what is ahead of you. When asked if she could change something about her community Madeline said “I would want more respect from younger people” and to do that she would need “better negotiation skills”. Being a part of the community is important to Madeline because it helps her in contact with others, and allows her to influence decisions that affect her quality of life. The greatest asset Madeline brings to a team is her positivity!

Madison Selwood

Age 17, Harcourt


Madison is passionate about creating change in the community for young people that affects everyone in a positive way. She is a good public speaker and is interested in the environment and collaborating with other people. Madison says she is curious about new and interesting ways to help people live sustainably. For Madison the best thing about being a young person is all the possibilities that are ahead and all the things young people can achieve in the future. There are no limits; anything is possible! If Madeline could change something about her community it would be to get rid of the stereotypes that plague teenagers in adults eyes but also the negative stereotype that teenagers hold of adults in the community. To achieve this change Madeline is seeking to learn negotiation skills, communication and leadership skills. She is also hoping to develop better networks and making connections with people who have the power to create change in the community – the people who make the final decisions.

May Smith

Age 17, Kyneton


May loves to be creative but does not identify with being a ‘leader’. Instead May likes to help others through her special skill of drawing. May is curious about psychology and human interaction and believes the best thing about being a young person is knowing there are still so many experiences to be had. To create change in her community May feels she needs help to develop her communication and negotiation skills, whilst building networks and meaningful connections in her local community. When it comes to working in a team May reckons the best thing is being able to bounce ideas off of other people.

Sally-anne Kurzke

Age 16, Lancefield


For Sally-anne it’s simple – let’s make Lancefield as teenage friendly as possible. Sally-anne really enjoys speaking in public, especially kids, and is part of the Live4Life crew in the Macedon Ranges. When Sally-ann isn’t at school she can be found volunteering at her local op shop. Volunteering is an important part of her world because Sally-anne believes that every community should have a chance to grow; volunteering is one way to support that growth. At Change It Up Sally-anne hopes to learn management and motivational skills.  


Stephanie Limm

Age 17, Guildford


Stephanie is positive and organised. She loves sunshine, law and politics, and wants to study international relations at university. If Stephanie could change something about her community it would have to be public transport – they need more of it! To achieve this change Stephanie is keen to learning about systems, the council and how to understand a contract. Supported by her family, friends and teachers Stephanie is excited to attend Change It Up so that she can talk about the local issues as well as global social change matters like poverty and famine.

Zoe Zillig

Age 17, Kyneton


Zoe describes herself as the kind of person who likes to work quietly behind the scenes. She is interested in sparking change in her community by volunteering more often and contributing ideas to people who want to listen. One of Zoe’s special skills is the ability to listen and help people to think things through. Zoe finds people interesting and would like to learn how to help them more. Politics confuses Zoe, but, she is clear about her future and personal aspirations to work with young people. To this point, if Zoe could change something about her community it would be to increase the number of youth services available in the Macedon Ranges.

The Boys

Andrew Smale

Age 17, Macedon Ranges


Andrew is a curious young person who views himself as a community leader. He is passionate about helping other people to succeed in their ambitions and identifies his special skill as being an enthusiastic leader. Andrew describes himself as the type of person that wants to know everything about everything and in the future Andrew would like to travel and take in the world. Andrew says the best thing about being a young person is leaning and he takes great hope from being around positive and optimistic people. Change It Up is a chance for Andrew to make influential connections in his local community so that he can raise his voice and be heard by the right people.

Angus Hocking

Age 17, Macedon Ranges

Gus is passionate about music and curious about ancient history. One day he hopes to explore the world and is hopeful that his favourite perk of being a young person, not having to pay bills, might bank roll his explorations! Gus knows the community he lives in is an important place to nurture and to give back he enjoys playing gigs for friends and family, volunteering in the Kyneton Youth Space and spending quality time with friends.


Joel Mackinnon

Age   , New Gisborne


Joel believes that he can make a change and that change need to be made. He is passionate about nature and animals and believes “as the superior race we are destroying the planet and not living with it”. Joel’s special skills are his imagination, enthusiasm, and loudness (in a good way of course). Joel would love to learn more about the world in general especially who and what we share our great planet with. Through Joel’s eyes the best thing about being a young person is the freedom of life and social networks. For Joel to create change in his community he would want to get people’s attention – really draw a crowd – and learn about how to get people interested.

Bradon Woolley

Age 17, Lancefield


Braden is interested in sparking change in his community by getting involved in youth issues and engaging other young people to do the same. On a scale of 1-10 Braden most identifies with being the person who pust others first and working behind the scenes. He is passionate about helping people to view important issues as they are and not just how they think they are and can contribute to a group by being helpful and curious about everything – mostly social networking. When Branden leaves school he would like to explore the world but for how takes great joy in the fact that being a young person equals zero responsibility. One thing that Branden would like to take away from his time at Change It Up is some skills that will make him more influential as well as meeting some networks that can help back up his ideas for change.


Mitchell Noonan

Age 17, Barfold


Mitchell thrives in creative and inspiring environments. He is self-motivated, concern citizen and is interested in sparking change in his community by changing the way his community views the local skate park and ‘skate park kids’. Mitchell is passionate about getting outdoors and keeping fit by cycling and being in the bush. Also, Mitchell loves to meet new people and share experiences with them. One particular skill that Mitchell brings to Change It Up is his ability to take charge of almost any situation. He prides himself on his ability to step up, delegate and work with teams to ensure equality between team members. Mitchell is curious to know what is around each corner in life whether that is the next class in school or the next bend ion a mountain bike track. With this in mind this young change maker is excited to explore the great outdoors all over the world and having the freedom to do anything he sets his mind too. Mitchel knows that to create change in his community he will need to practice being patient. Things take time and go more smoothly when they are not rushed. Mitchell knows that Change It Up can help to combine his and his team mate’s thoughts into a bigger picture for community change allowing them to stay focused and to ‘get the job done’.

Tyler Murray

Age 17, Gisborne


Tyler is into saving the environment. He is organised, good at sport and loves being a young person because of the freedom and creativity that comes with it. Tyler’s sense of hope stems from the ongoing support and encouragement of his parents who allowed his curiosity for wildlife and the environment to flourish. To crate change in the community Tyler would like to expand his skills in negotiation, community, decision making and networking. Something that Tyler feels he brings to a team is his reliability, and calm influence in the event of stress or chaos.