Change It Up aims to energise and engage young people, aged 16 to 19 years living in regional and rural parts of Australia, who have an interest in sparking change within their local communities. In partnership with teams of committed local citizens, Change It Up will ignite and empower young people to have a voice and make a difference around issues that are important to them and their communities.

In each Change It Up community a team of FYA facilitators will deliver a four day ‘Pop Up’ experience a work with cohort of 20 young people who have been identified as curious, creative, concerned or just plain crazy about their local community!

The ‘Pop Up’ will be collaborated on in partnership with local council and local business supports in an effort to bond and engage the young change makers to their community and spark a collective interest in creating change. Pop Up workshops will range from learning modules that focus on personal growth and communication, to social action idea generation, through to out of the box experiences like participating in a flash mob or pitch session.

The four day Change It Up experience will ignite and equip young people with the skills they need to establish themselves as connected and contributing community citizens.


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