Thank You

Change it up is a once in a lifetime opportunity that already has completely opened my eyes, and broaden my perspective on how youth can change things and why it is so important that we do change things for the better. Before coming here there were many issues and things in my mind and in my life that i felt strongly about and wanted to change for what i believed to be the better. Coming to change it up has given me and all the other people involved an invaluable opportunity to talk about anything and everything in a place where poeple are actually listening. Not judging, not criticising but listening, understanding and helping us in such a valuable way. All of the facilitators for the weekend have given us this chance and life skills to actaully physically change things that are important to us in our community. For this opportunity i will be forever grateful and I know that this is one life changing experience that i will never forget. thankyou to everyone! I know it is only the first day and we have two more to go, but it  has alraedy  given me so many positive experience where i have met so many amazing people. so thanks guys, you are all awesome!:-)


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