Inspired and Amazed :)

Change it up has taught me that no matter what you belive in or wish to change in the community you have the ability to do it. A story is not just a story. A story, your story can be the most powerful foundation to the formation of an idea. All you have to do is run with it. Once you do this you begin to create something which is more than just an idea on a piece paper. Words become a movement of which has the ability to ‘change’ the way people think and feel in the community. This is the affect today has had on me already. I started the day excited by the prosperity of meeting new young people and working with people who believe that young people should have a voice. 8hrs later and im feeling incredibly amazed by the people who I have the privledge to work beside. Surrounded by this group is inspiring and has been such an unbelievable experience (and its just day 1) 🙂 My idea is exciting… I am excited and i look forward to what tomorrow has to bring!! Cant wait to ‘change it up’ bright and early monday morning!!!!



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